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Middle School

Students are stimulated in their class and their experiences are enriched by interdisciplinary projects, extra-curricular activities, trips and a rigorous and structured program.

The French and English education programs are confirmed and "Cambridge University" validates their skills in English.

The Brevet des études confirms the level of each one thus allowing entry to the Lycée.

From the 6th grade, students will tackle a third  language: Spanish.

" Lafayette International School " is a Cambridge University English and DELE Spanish exam center.

High school

We encourage all students to identify and deepen their interests and their five skills.

They will thus be able to explore their plan for the future and develop their self-confidence.

The French Baccalaureate and OIB will be presented by our students.

" Lafayette International School " is Cambridge exam center and Cambridge University will confirm their level with the following exams.

The Spanish DELE will be offered.

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