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The HSK test

Mandarin official test.

This test is internationally recognized as the standard for assessing the level of Mandarin for non-native speakers.

The HSK was changed in 2009. Since this revision, there are 6 written HSK levels (HSK 1 is the easiest, HSK 6 is the most difficult), and 3 oral HSK levels. The HSK has the following peculiarity  : you pass a level of the test according to your mastery of Mandarin. As there are 6 levels of HSK, everyone can certify their mastery of the language, whether beginner, advanced or completely bilingual.

The structure of the HSK according to the different levels

The written HSK is divided into two or three sections, namely  : oral comprehension, written comprehension and written expression. Depending on the level of HSK passed, the number of sections varies.

Thus, for levels 1 and 2 of the HSK, the assessment relates only to oral and written comprehension (100 points per section). These first two levels are therefore scored out of 200. To pass your HSK 1 or 2, you must obtain a score equal to or greater than 120.

For HSK levels 3 to 6, the candidate will also be assessed on his written expression. HSK levels 3 to 6 are scored out of 300, and the average is 180. Logically, the higher the HSK level, the greater the number of questions. The test lasts only 35 minutes for HSK 1 but more than 2 hours for HSK 6.

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